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Minimalist Living

Minimalist Living

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Western Society is striving to consume. Our ideology is materialism. Our posessions is our pride. It feels good. Before you know it your house and your garage is full of items you purchased and you are using rarely if not at all.

Do you want to talk about our closets? Its our worst nightmare when it comes to clean  them.

How this happened? For many years the modern marketing system embeded to us the idea that more is good. More is Abundance...more is more!

As you might have guess from the title of this Audio Book, the answer lies with the latter.

But the key is how you go about achieving this mindset.

How do you stop yourself from constantly wanting the ‘next big thing’ and how precisely does this make you a happier person?

This Audio Book and E-Book it's going to show you how to live with less and feel happier and content with what you have.


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