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Website Essentials

A website is essential for a local business. It does serve as a reference for those who want to know what the business is about, as well as what it sells. The website also gives prospects and customers an idea of if or when they can visit that business, as well as a way to contact someone it there is an issue that needs to be addressed. It is, in effect, the public face of the business to the entire world. However, some will ask, justifiably, “why does my business need a website?” This is actually a good question if your business only serves as an online ‘billboard” for your business. It does cost money; without necessarily causing paying customers to spend any more with you. However, there is more that a website can to do build your profits. There are seven things that you can do with your website immediately. We will discuss one of them in this article. 1) Capture Contact Information 2) Create a Follow up System 3) Use Copywriting 4) Get People’s Attention and Use Direct Response Pages 5) Get Endorsements 6) Use Multi-Media 7) Make Sure You Are Mobile Friendly

In order to use your website to help you to be more profitable, you will need to make sure to have a process in place that captures their contact information. This typically means that someplace on your website you will need to have a form where people can put their name and email address in so that they can become part of your contact database. You will have to make sure to give those who find your website something that you know they want, so that they will not hesitate to give you their contact details.

Of course, this can also be accomplished by making sure that you have social media contact buttons near the top of your website. However, if you don’t have social media accounts to surround your website will not be possible to create credibility. If that is the case, you will want to consider starting with one and eventually getting all three of the most popular (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter). The reason that having these contact points are important is because each social network has a following of people that spend a considerable amount of time on them every day.

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