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Smart ways to connect with your future customers

In my previous article I have gone through the importance of staying connected with your potential clients especially in these challenging times.

I can recall the days that this was not an easy task. When I have started working as a Marketer the sources of connecting with customers were limited and very expensive.

It required to print and distribute leaflets, or post your announcements to the local and national press, radio and TV adverts.

All these have changed drastically for the better with the massive use of Social Media. If you can spare as little as 30 USD per month you can reach out a very decent audience with Facebook Sponsored Stories.

In the next couple of days I am going to go through some smart and cost effective ways to engage with your customers, attract new and build loyalty for your business.

I have also spoke in one of my previous articles how these methods will improve significantly your SEO therefore make you "findable" on internet. Let's Go!

Audio Podcasting

One of the ways that businesses can easily educate their customer is to use the podcasting format.

Podcasting is basically an audio program organized to educate its listener.

A podcast can be listened to on a mobile connected device or a special device designed for digital entertainment.

The benefit of delivering education through podcasting is that it is all done through audio files. Audio does not require that the user be seated in front of the device order to experience the fullness of the content.

They can listen to it in their automobiles (while they drive), at their fitness centers (while they exercise) and even when taking a break from their work.

This is important because there are some significant ways that creating an audio trumps video creation in the education process. Often in the creation of a video recording, there are things that the creator assumes that their viewers understand as they watch. That means that even when the video recording is turned into a strictly ‘audio’ based recording, it may not communicate a full picture to the listener. The video creator isn't communicating to provide an audio listener with a full picture.

Audio creators on the other hand, understand that their audience does not see them. As a result, they communicate images that are fuller, and they speak with the understanding that an audience needs to be cultivated to ‘see’ through what they hear during their program. The audio creator, by default provides rich examples that draw in a listener.

Business owners can get started creating audio content very easily. All that is needed is a computer with mic and headset jacks. Even if that does not exist on their laptop and/or personal computer, they can use a USB port to connect a mic and headset.

With this minimal equipment (mic and headset) in place, companies can then decide whether or not to record their audio program or to broadcast it live. In order to record the program, software on a personal computer is typically needed as well to connect over telephone lines. The most cost-effective way to implement this software is to use Skype (free) for telephone connections, and the recording program Pamela to record the conversation (less than $50).

If the company chooses to broadcast their podcast live, they have several options. One option is the free site, which allows at the company to conduct a call-in audio program. allows the audio creator to distribute the link ahead of time and to invite individuals to hear the program to be streamed.

Once the program has ended, makes the audio available to anyone that wants to hear it in archive form. The same or similar service exists with another company called

If the company wants only one person to communicate on the audio, then the free program Audacity will allow audio recordings to be created on a personal computer. In this case, the individual would simply hit a record button on their computer and create audio programming and feel real-time.

Once the program has been recorded, the company can then take the MP3 file and host it on their site or an audio sharing site. Of course, then the link would need to be made available to prospects and customers to hear.

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