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SEO is not a scary thing

Using SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, to get traffic to your website is an important part of generating additional revenues. Internet surfers and searchers go to the major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and/or Bing) in search of a solution to a problem that they are having.

They then use the search engine by typing in keywords to find some information or a person who can help them. When the searcher pushes the “enter” button, the search engine retrieves what is considered to be the best possible set of results for the keyword that was typed in.

SEO is a favorable way to get traffic to a website or business because it is not a direct advertising expense.

Although a business may pay a professional to help with the optimization; a business can have an unlimited number of customers to find them without paying and additional expense.

When a site is well ‘optimized’, it will be one of the first ten sites that appear when a keyword is typed in. This is important, because those sites in the first ten results are found on the first page of search results.

Although some searchers do look for results beyond the first page; statistics indicate that 95% of all internet traffic come from those sites found on page one. Businesses that optimize their websites for the search engines arrange their content so that their site appears on page one of the results. This process of arranging the content describes SEO or search engine optimization.

The key aspect of SEO, is that the website appears in the results for relevant keywords. This has some important implications and is worth some explanation.

A website needs to be optimized to solve the problems relevant to what it does. For instance, an optometrist would want to show up when searchers are looking for an “optometrist’ in the search engines. Wanting to have its website seen for this term, when typed in is fundamental, and makes good sense.

At the same time, it also makes good sense for that optometrist to make sure that their website is found or optimized for the problems that people are trying to solve. They would want to be in search results for terms that describe eye diseases and eye problems that people have (that the optometrist solves). It is probably evident that the words do not have to be directly related to the word optometrist for them to be relevant.

Here are examples of keywords that are naturally relevant to someone looking for an optometrist:

Optometrist’s office

Optometrist’s hours

These keyword phrases are directly related. They have the word optometrist in them.

Here are words that may not be directly related, but would be searches that an optometrist would want to be found for:



These are problems that an optometrist can solve, but yet are indirectly related (the word optometrist is not used). It would be beneficial to the optometrist if he or she can have a portion of their website optimized to be found for one of these words. The reason is simple, when people are looking to solve their problem, they might start researching with words related to the problem and not the solution.

Every business has terms that exist in a similar case. There are websites that people find when they are looking at the problem and there are websites people find when they are looking for solutions. Good research done on behalf of the business locates both kinds of terms. Once a business knows what the terms are and optimizes for them, they can then expect to see more website visitors and eventually more sales.

In our next article, we will discuss different ways for you to optimize your business for the keyword terms that matter, whether they are direct or indirect. If you would like to sit down with us and let us show you the relevant terms for your business, we would be happy to do so. Contact us today and schedule an online appointment, so we can show you how we have helped other businesses to increase their profits with the right kind of complete keyword research.

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