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Kiss Good Bye to Zoom Meetings...Use Facebook Live to get more customers!

As the Economies around the globe go back to some kind of normality zoom meetings and videos may fade out. Before you cross from your list this type of communication I would highly recommend you to rethink about it as we don't know yet how the situation will unfold during the winter months at least for the North Hemisphere.

Many businesses can't afford to pay a full subscription in order to hold Zoom Meetings. There is a very good alternative for that and this is Facebook Live

Facebook is gaining popularity against all odds especially within the Baby Boomers Generation.

They have also upgraded the platform so you can have your shop inside your business page and recently they have introduced the Live function in order to demonstrate and sell your products / services.

All these are super powerful tools any business can use for their benefit in order to stay connected with their audience.

Use Facebook Live to answer customer questions. Think up some in advance to answer on camera. One of the best reasons to go live on Facebook is the opportunity to engage with followers. During your Facebook live video, solicit and answer questions your audience asks.

Staying in touch with your customers, feeding them with all the latest updates and trends it's fundamental if you want to win the 21st century marketing game.

Be consistent even your audience doesn't show up in the numbers you expected. Every piece of content you are publishing is vibrant. It's a living advertisement of who you are and what you do and remains

in the space for ever. The positive residual outcome will surprise you.

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