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How to use Facebook to grow your Business.

In terms of number of website visitors on a daily basis, it's clear that Facebook far out distances other social networks. Consumers have made the site part of their everyday lives as they use it to keep tabs on friends, families and associates.

In recent years, the company has become more aware of the need to bring in ad revenue. As a result of this, Facebook has been giving companies an increasing amount of access to users in terms of marketing opportunities.

Small businesses have options when it comes to promoting their business on the social network. Those choices seem to fall into two basic categories.

1) There is earned exposure or as we call it organic exposure, where companies seek to build relationships with those that are socializing on the network.

2.) And then there is paid media (adverts) where companies strategically place their content in areas where individuals will see it.

Organic Reach has distinct advantages. First, it is no to low-cost. Second, it depends on human interaction. That means that companies can get first-hand information on what customers want and may be willing to buy.

They can also use the social network to build brand loyalty, as consumers have the opportunity to interact socially on fan pages. This continual interaction works in the same way as repetitive messages delivered through TV or Radio commercials.

At least that’s the hope of companies relying primarily on organic reach.

If there is any disadvantage to organic reach, it is that its results aren't immediately measurable.

In addition to this, a considerable level of time and resources are necessary to build and maintain traction. Companies engaging in organic reach on the social network, typically need to employ someone whose job is solely that kind of activity a "Social Media Manager" as we call it.

Because of the indirect nature of Facebook communication, sales efforts can be untargeted. Therefore, promotional campaigns focus their attention on getting Facebook likes, comments and shares.

However, this kind of leads it's not clear if at the end they become customers by purchasing products or services.

Paid adverts allows companies to find the audience they want to communicate with and structure the promotion based on its peculiarities.

In some cases, that advertisement can look like a social posting or as we call it a "dark post" that any individual would compose to post in their news feed. In other cases, companies structure their advertisements so that they appear on the right side panel along with other promotions.

Facebook Ads provides companies an advantage because of the targeting feature.

Companies are able to decide on who their message will reach and subsequently lower the effective cost of their promotions. In addition to this, promotional campaigns on Facebook are both testable and trackable. This allows companies to work on their advertisements until they resonates with the right audiences.

If there is a downside to using Facebook Adverts, it is

1) the learning curve necessary to find the right audience and

2) the tailoring process of the advertisement to the buyers.

However, this can be overcome, with one of our amazing courses you can find in our online store.

You are going to be able to strategically promote your business and enjoy the benefits without burning out your money on ads they DO NOT bring you customers.

Companies should use a mixture of both paid adverts and organic reach.

In order to increase your organic reach you must have consistency in your posts. The biggest challenge businesses are facing is that they can't come up with engaging content on a daily basis. They are also unable financially to hire a social media manager to handle professionally their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This is the reason we are highly recommending you to get in your hands a "Social Media Planner"

It's going to give you a road map with post ideas and graphics that is going to help you to stay in ahead of your competition.

Another major reason to use a Social Media Planner is because you want your page to have already achieved a substantial level of visibility before you spend your money on adverts.

Depending on the goal of a company's particular promotion, they should work to determine the combination based on the velocity of results needed.

The ideal combination is to nurture on a daily basis relationships with your audience and according to your business plan create your adverts on a weekly or a monthly basis.

If you want help in order to structure a profitable Facebook Marketing Strategy we can help you. Our team has a substantial success record helping businesses to get customers in challenging financial times since 2010.

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