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How to stay in touch with your customers during the lockdown

The overwhelming majority of my customers are feeling frustrated because of the new set of restriction rules and lockdowns which are taking place in many countries including the country

I am currently living.

But feeling helpless it's not going to improve your situation. My advice to you is to take advantage of this time to stay connected with your existing customers and attract some new ones in the way.

If your business activity allows it you can offer delivery or takeaway services. If this is not possible in case you are a hairdresser, a gym instructor an event coordinator etc you can still remain in front of your customers offering valuable tips according your niche.

How you can do that?

There are multiple ways to do that but today I am going to touch one of the classics.

Blog and article writing.

You may have heard the phrase "Content is a King". Offering valuable content to your audience will help you to establish authority in your niche, encourage the communication with your audience and it's going to attract more customers.

Wouldn't be nice when you will be able to resume your business operations to have already a couple of customers ready to purchase from you?

People are scared to write articles as they are not sure if they can write well, or if they do grammar misspellings etc.

First of all your articles shouldn't be that long. A paragraph or two are enough to send your message out. There are also multiple free tools you can use to check your spelling mistakes or your expression mistakes.

When writing a blog posts, the margins are very narrow and short sentences should be used when possible. In addition to this, the entire document should be ‘scannable’.

What is meant by scannable?

Basically, the company should follow the pattern of giving their readers an indication first of what they are about to learn. Therefore titles should be numerical in nature. For example, "five easy ways to market your business online." By providing a title with a number and giving the structure of the presentation, the reader will be able to squeak rescan the information to find what it is they want.

Writing exhaustively on the topic, may not be the best for a business and the consumers.

The best thing to do before committing to writing long pieces, is to find out what the audience would actually want and what they would benefit from knowing. In most cases, marketers will find that company’s customers would rather have short information to follow rather than long.

P.S If you need help on writing your own articles our team can solve this problem for you. We can also create short and attractive posts for your Facebook page you can use in order to stay in touch with your customers. Contact us today to ask for a free quote.