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How to get more sales online

In this series of articles we are exploring smart and effective ways to communicate with your existing customers and yet attract new ones as you are establishing authority in your niche.

Screen Sharing Education

One of the other ways that a business can educate their consumers is to take information on their PC and display it to viewers on the Internet while discussing its points audibly. The format is common to businesses in the webinar format.

A webinar is a cross between a seminar and a web-based streamed program.

What is unique about the webinar is that the individual sharing with an audience, can allow them to see what is on their computer screen while they talk. This means that the company can do a live demonstration using images, case studies, presentations and websites. Anything that can be displayed on the computer screen can be shown to individuals attending a webinar.

Although there are multiple webinar platforms available to business owners, the standard resource is Cixtrix’s GoToWebinar. Companies that would like to test GoToWebinar to determine whether or not it fits into their program can undertake a 30 Day Trial.

Another software that took the world by storm especially during the Covid19 quarantine period is Zoom.

Zoom offers more flexibility and the latest technology to host webinars, live presentations, online meetings with your team members and much more!

The key to delivering high quality webinar content is to be prepared with both slides and a formal presentation. In order to keep the attention of viewers, webinars need to move quickly through their content to get to the Q & A portion. This is the dynamic part you interact with your viewers.

Webinars are unique in that they allow the host of the webinar to determine if or when one of the attendees can be brought on to the broadcast to become part of the audible discussion.
If there is a downside to webinar technology, it is the cost associated when you are using a webinar platform. Depending to your needs this cost can reach up to 350 USD per month. But before you roll your eyes let me tell you that Zoom offers a free plan that can cover your needs if you are a small business owner or a start up entrepreneur.

What some companies have done to limit the cost of the webinar is to deliver the content live, and then to take the recording and deploy it as an “automated webinar”. This can be effective for educational purposes when the viewing audience understands that they are watching a recording and not a live webinar. It's also effective when the business creates the webinar with the understanding that it will be used in an automated format.

However, some companies have moved away from traditional webinar technology and have embraced Google Hangout technology.

Google Hangouts are part of the Google Plus social network and are free to deploy by any company with a Google account.

Like webinars, Google Hangouts allow the company to broadcast screen sharing education to a live audience. The live audience can join the viewing of the presentation through Google's video sharing site

One of the advantages that Google Hangouts provide to those conducting presentations (in addition to costs) is that up to 10 individuals can be panelists simultaneously. This can be of great benefit, if the company is leveraging the following of the presenters on their social media platforms.

The other advantage that Google hangouts offers presenters is the ability to utilize the recording much faster than they would have been able to do otherwise. Every Google hangout that is broadcast across the Internet automatically becomes a YouTube video presentation. That means that it will be easy for the company to send a link to the presentation, for those who were unable to attend.

In addition to this, Google Hangouts allow for the presenters to take questions from those viewing on YouTube. This allows for an interactive presentation with a widespread medium such as the Google Plus network.

Companies that do not have the capital to invest on a monthly basis in GoToWebinar can and should learn how to conduct Google hangouts as it has advantages all its own as well as the basic capabilities of webinar facilities.

In conclusion Webinars are a great way to deliver value, demonstrate your expertise in your niche, and promote your offers. The conversion rates with webinars are far higher than they are with other forms of marketing such as email and paid advertising.

But if hardly anyone attends your webinar then it is a waste of time. Nobody is going to discover your webinar by accident so you need to do all that you can to promote it.

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