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How to get more customers during the Summer Holidays

As the restrictions the pandemic imposed to many countries are withdrawn, people are planning their summer holidays.

Either it’s a short escape within their country of residence or it’s a trip abroad they are now looking for products to take with them.

Consumer behavior has changed during the pandemic as now they are looking to find what they want to buy browsing around.

I am not going to complicate this article as my purpose is for you as a retail store owner to apply a simple yet effective strategy in order to attract more eyeballs to your business and convert a percentage of them into customers.

Before I go to that it’s worth mentioning that Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook is going to expand the possibilities the retail stores to use the Platform in order to sell their products within the platform and it's co- partners Instagram and Whatsapp.

Saying that below are 4 simple steps you can apply into your marketing strategy in order to get more customers during the holiday season.

- Grab your Customer’s attention as they browse

How can you do that? First you must post daily in your social media accounts.

Consistency builds credibility and trust.

A simple post isn’t going to work for you if you do not use a relevant photo with it and #HASTAGS in order to be present when people are searching for relevant terms.

- Engage customers who are looking to buy

When people are looking to buy they engage with a business usually liking the post or asking a question. From my experience as a social media manager I have seen that small size business they neglect to reply. From my experience also I found that consumers are sending questions and asking for more information the most awkward hours of the day, when usually a store is closed.

What you can do about this? Organize your messages with pre-planned answers to FAQ. Ensure the customer that their message has been received and you are going to reply to them shortly. There are some great tools you can use (bots) they will help you wonders to convert a browsing consumer into a customer.

Connect your Facebook Business Page with Whatsapp for instant communication.

- Make it Stupid Simple

Having a complicated online purchasing system is going to kill your business. Take it from me that I spend almost a year to correct our shopping procedure in this website. People crave for simplicity. If you check other online shops you may find that the word “easy purchase” was the driving factor for the sale in the review section.

- Prepare for the Summer Sales

In 2020 Summer Sales volume exceeded the Winter Holiday Season. Can you believe that? According to Google stats it was a very dynamic period. It’s expected to be the same this year too. What can you do?

Prepare your website and your pages accordingly. Give to your marketing strategy a summer-ish touch.

Summer Sales and promotions can help you grab the attention and with the right strategy I have explained before you can win big time.

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