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How to get free leads in any niche

The lifeblood of every new business is getting new prospects into their pipeline and subsequently converting them into buyers. Regardless of what a business sells and/or the way they market their company, new leads are needed to help a company to grow its profits.

Competition with Other Businesses

However, every company exists within a competitive environment. First, companies compete against other businesses that offer similar products. They engage in their battle using pricing, quality, features and value. They use some combination of these tools in order to win potential customers over to their products and services.

Competition for a Customer’s Time

Second, companies are often in a race against time. Customers often have good intentions about making purchases, but often feel that they can wait until an opportune time for them.

Of course, they can use good copywriting and/or incentives to get buyers to move forward with their purchases, instead of getting them at a later date.

Competing Against Consumer Distraction

Companies are often competing against consumer distraction. Customers often have a desire to make a purchase and know they need what a particular business has to offer.

However, they often become engulfed in the grind of everyday life and put their purchase on the back burner. Businesses often combat this, with a combination of promotional efforts, including branding, direct advertising and online ‘retargeting’ ads.

The Multiplication of Channels

More than any other factor, companies are now dealing with the multiplication of channels that people have open to them to feed them information. In times past, there were only a couple of real windows into a customer's life to promote products to them and they were all based on the mass market. In other words, if a business wasn’t on mass market media such as Yellow Pages, radio, television or newspaper, they might struggle to get new people to hear about their product and/or their business.

However, customers now get information through search engines, social media, Internet radio, podcasts, blogs, and a number of other ways in addition to mass media. This means that any given customer could be listening in a number of

to marketing messages.

Is it possible for a company to be visible to their prospects on all of those channels? If not, what can a company effectively do in order to put itself in position to meet people that might be interested in their product or service?

How to Reach Multiple Channels: Content Marketing

To generate leads effectively, companies have turned to promotional methods that are better suited for the fragmented nature that people get their information. The old method of promotion based on the price and features of a particular product can only be effective with in the context of a content marketing strategy.

Therefore, how does a company use content to generate new leads on multiple channels?

How can companies engage in this kind of marketing, while still being able to maintain staff for other business purposes?

With business owners being inundated by customers’ insistence on getting more value for less money, it may be difficult to see how staff resources could be spared in order to "create content". Many companies, wisely enlist local marketing consultants in their efforts to create content to reach people on these new mediums.

But whether a company hires employees or contacts with consultants, what is it that they engage in that would constitute “content marketing”?

And how will that activity give businesses more leads?

In the our following articles we are going to go deeper on different strategies you can get fresh leads for your business.

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