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How to get ahead of your Marketing in 2021

By now you may have realized that 2021 it's not going to be an easy ride at least until the first half of the year. What that means for your business?

In this article I am sharing with you some fresh marketing tips and strategies easy to endorse in your marketing efforts.

Let’s start!

1. Customers seek for personal communication.

Personalized marketing that encourages communication by commenting, messaging or even texting is the new BIG trend.

People are isolating in their homes, feeling bored and what they do? They are browsing around looking for products and services.

No need to say that you must make the most out of your Social Media presence by posting daily.

Don’t fall in the trap to post only your offers. Create a dialogue with your customers.

Use automate responders (bots) to keep your customers happy until you will be able to reply to them.

2. Mobile friendly websites

You can’t afford anymore not to optimize your website in order to be mobile friendly. Here is why. Recent statistics showed that exactly half (50.8%) of all website traffic is now mobile.

Still not convinced.

According to Constant Contact, approximately 60% of all email opens are on a mobile device or tablet.

3. Memes are going to be a big trend this year also.

You most likely consider memes as simply a pleasant method to sit back and relax when you browse on social media.

And keeping in mind that they are so fun, businesses can utilize them for their potential benefit!

Memes are fast and simple to make, are amazing for getting reach and commitment, and are incredible for associating with the younger generation between 13 – 36 years of age.

Sounds cool isn’t it?

4. The old boring Facebook is still “sexy”

Yes, I know that Tik Tok took the market by storm especially during the lockdown but did you know that the overwhelming majority of businesses reported that they have seen more customers coming from their Facebook Campaigns?

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5. Voice search is a big trend in 2021

As indicated by a new ComScore report, the greater part of cell phone users are currently utilizing voice search.

This number is going up consistently, and gives no indications of easing back down… so businesses – even of a small size – need to make the necessary arrangements for how to get their substance to rank for voice search.

- Some great ways to do that is to create content that asks and answers specific inquiries

-Improving for area-based inquiries: This could mean including a guide, bit by bit headings, address varieties, and so forth

Staying up with the latest Google My Business profile

Having a quick and mobile friendly website

In conclusion. Even the pandemic ends people’s behavior have shifted forever. It’s not going to return back to what was in 2019. The business that will survive and thrive in the “new normal” will be those who moved fast and adopt the new trends.

Are you going to be one of them? In our Online Academy we are offering valuable E-books and courses to help you to stay ahead of the competition keep in touch with your customers and get new clients on the spot.