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How to find the Perfect Niche for your Business (Part 1)

If your product meets the needs of a particular demographic or group of consumers, you may be able to use niche marketing strategies. If you notice that there is an identifiable grouping of people that always buy your products, it’s probably time for you to do more extensive research on that grouping of people.

You will want to know what their buying habits are, but that’s standard for all marketing, regardless of whether or not you are focused on a particular niche. You will want to go to steps further in your research.

One of the most important things for you to find out is what kind of media they consume the most. You’ll want to find out if they read the newspaper, listen to the radio and/or watch television, watch YouTube videos, and definitely the time they spend on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok.

This is very important, because doing this will eliminate the guesswork in using mass media methods that make those processes so expensive.


Greek pizza delivery company Pizza Fan did just that. As the largest of its kind in the region, it knew it needed to reach customers where they were: online. The company focused on finding the right customers through YouTube, then made it personal.

Pizza Fan dove deep into segmentation. It based its reach on detailed demographics and intent, honing in on behavior and interest to find the right customers. From the movie fanatic to the gamer to the music buff, the plan was to make every ad relevant to the viewer — using everything from top trending topics in Greece to the videos that users were searching for.

The next step was pairing each audience with the right ad.

Creating Personalized Ads to communicate with different sub- niches within your main niche is a winning strategy.

Within the first three weeks, the company saw impressive results. 63 percent of Greeks aged 18-44 viewed Pizza Fan’s ads. They were shown 19 million times, with 2.3 million people seeing them at least once. And Google searches for Pizza Fan increased by 19 percent.

Finding the path to speak to your audience will give you a tremendous return upon investment.

My suggestion to all is to spend some time to find the right audience for your business and create personalized adverts for them.

After that you go deeper to find sub- categories within your niche and approach them too.

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(Source GoogleThink)

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