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How to connect with potential customers in your Local Area

Marketing your business online is constantly changing. Much of the change has to do with the way that consumers are getting their information. As little as five years ago, you could depend on being able to reach a customer at their personal computer. The concerning issue was whether or not that customer was on a laptop or a desktop computer.

All of that has now changed. As a rule, consumers are now using mobile devices. And while statistics may be helpful, it is fair to say that in the next five years most of those individuals who would be your customers will be using a mobile device and you will have to reach them there.

However, one thing that hasn't changed over the last five years is a consumer's quest for information. Those that need and want to make their decisions based on facts, are constantly searching the internet for more information to give them assurance.

Currently, one of the ways that companies market themselves is to make the information the consumers are seeking visible online as a service to those that will eventually be their customers.

However, search engines are moving to make information a component of the service that they offer. In other words, with their Knowledge Graph technology, they are less likely to deliver their visitors to websites and more likely to attempt to deliver the information themselves.

Where does that leave small businesses?

Small businesses must establish their own connections with customers and deliver the information and/or education that is needed to make good buying decisions.

In the following series of articles we are going to explore these avenues of communication with your potential customers one by one in order to help you find what is more suitable for your business.

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