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How to budget like your "mom"

The overwhelming majority of "moms" they are handling the family income in the most effective way possible.

I can vividly remember as a child that my mother was using all the tricks and hacks to save money from our groceries in order either to upgrade our house furniture, buy more clothes for us or keep them for a "rainy" day.

This was at the time that most married women were not working so they had to take advantage of every penny their husband was providing.

During the years and with the extend use of "credit" people lost their focus. They started borrowing money through their credit cards, getting all kinds of loans, from a holiday loan, to a payday loan. That was the recipe for the disaster we see the last 12 years after the Lehman Brothers collapse and the severe recession the entire world swapped in.

The Global Pandemic caught most households off guard as they had limited sources to survive in a lockdown situation as they either have been furloughed or have lost their income completely.

Instead of getting into a depression cycle, no matter how deep is your problem you can shift things around with focus and determination.

Go back in time and remember how your mom or your grandma was handling the household income.

Peek in through some of your 'moms’ secrets in budgeting and learn. Role modeling is a good way to encourage attitude, especially towards money.

1. She clearly knows where all the money goes. She controls grocery spending like a pro.

2. She is always shopping on sales, in bulk or with discount coupons

3. She is saving money to purchase what we call "non essential items".

4. She plans her meals ahead. She is cooking according to the ingredients she already has and then she is adding only what is missing.

5. She masters the art of re-using and re-puprosing. From clothes to decorations, furniture and everything in between your mother was re-using all of her sources like a pro. It was long before recycling became a big trend.

What of the above tips you could apply today to turn around your financial situation?

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