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How to avoid being blocked from Facebook

The commonest questions I am answering here on Quora have to do with accounts that have been banned on Facebook.

So, I have decided to give you some insights on this topic to help you avoid this disturbing situation.

Even though some of the DON’TS I am posting below may look apparent there are a lot of users who are constantly violating Facebook rules and policies.

You must understand that Facebook is tightening up it’s regulations and if you are not careful you will find your self on Facebook Jail as they call it.

The 8 Facebook DON’T

1. Don’t firehose your audience with content. Take a break. Once or 2 times per day are more than enough.

2. Avoid tagging. First of all it’s super annoying and second someone may report you as a spammer.

3. Don’t add people to Groups without permission (send them an invitation first)

4. Don't Use in your posts Images from Google

5. Do Not Use Your Personal Account as Your Business Account EVER!!!

6. Like and Comment but DO NOT overdo it

7. Send friend requests to people you know

8. Do not share links about gambling, dating, nude content, violence, and fake news.

In conclusion. Facebook has been created for people to share positive and inspiring content. It’s a great place to grow your business. If you are sharing content that is dubious, if you are involved in discussions that promote hate speech or extreme political actions, you may lose your account without being able to restore it.

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