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How Social Media Can improve your SEO

In previous discussions, we have been talking about the advantages of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You may recall that SEO is the process of making sure that you have a website that is ‘findable’ by someone who is looking for a solution to their problem.

While this discussion has to do with the most popular search engine, which is Google, it can involve the Yahoo and MSN Bing search engines also.

We have had discussion in previous articles about the fact that making a website findable for a particular keyword is smart business. The main reason is that once you made the effort to get your website in a visible position; you can have an unlimited number of people come to your site in that way, without having to pay additional advertising costs. However, we also talked about doing something even smarter: tailoring the kind of message to the kind of searcher that might be using a particular keyword to solve a problem.

For those searchers that might need more visuals to make a decision, a business can create and optimize an internet video for search. For those who might be interested in reading about the mindset of the business’s management and ownership, a blog would be appropriate to optimize. For those who might like to listen to an interactive discussion about the industry with management, a podcast would be best to optimize for search.

But for those businesses who thrive in interacting with their customers and prospects, there is really only one suitable medium: social media.

By building a social media web property a business’ owner or management can get the ‘pulse’ of the public and adjust to make sure that their products and services are relevant and meet needs.

Although there are literally hundreds of different social media web properties to build a platform for your company on, only one boasts a critical mass of active users in the hundreds of millions: Facebook. In fact, the number of active users posted on the company’s website is 989 million. According to the company, in Q3 2019, the users who are using multiple times per day Facebook came to 1.62 billion.

Therefore it is necessary for companies to maintain a business presence there on what Facebook calls a Fan Page. Most importantly, it is possible for a business to optimize their Fan Page for SEO. In other words, both marketers and management can implement the right processes to get the fan page to appear as one of the ‘top ten’ results for certain keyword phrases.

But the point of giving people easy access is not necessarily always to sell products and services to them directly. Its primary function is to create interaction and interest in its products and services.

Therefore, if you don’t plan on ‘talking back’ to your prospects or even acting on their suggestions on the actual fan page, there may be better web properties to optimize for search, such as videos or blogs. Although these other types of web properties also allow for interaction, it is not their primary function.

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