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How Podcasting Can Improve your SEO

In this series of articles we have been discussing ways that business can use SEO to get their message out to people who are looking for specific solutions.

You may recall that we have mentioned that the process of SEO or search engine optimization makes a company ‘findable’ on one or all of the major Internet Search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing). In other words, when a user goes to a search engine and types in a word relative to solving his or her problem; they will see ten websites or pages in the results.

When a company’s business is well optimized, it will have a web page or web site showing in one of those top ten (page one) positions.

One of the important distinctions we made was that a company could benefit if they could successfully match the kind of content to the mode of communication necessary to make sales.

In sales situations where a demonstration would make a sale more possible; optimizing a video for the targeted keywords is the best option. In sales situations where interaction with the public is of benefit to the company; optimizing a fan page for the top ten results will make the biggest impact. Yet again where open casual discussion of the business and industry would be most beneficial, it will make the most sense to optimize a blog for SEO.

However, there are times when a written discussion is not necessarily a convincing factor.

There are times when searchers or internet users want to hear an actual discussion take place with business owners and/or industry leaders.

They want to know how knowledgeable the owners are, because it is pretty difficult to fake a discussion. These prospects want to hear what one of your meetings might be like as you make decisions about what you think about what the market wants. These factors play well into a podcasting format.

Podcasting, in its most basic form is a discussion, normally with at least two people in an audio format. The discussion typically takes place from thirty minutes to one hour and tends to be current to the topic.

The benefit to podcasting is that clients and prospects get the opportunity to hear you interact with others at your company and in your industry. For those keywords or those sales situations where it would benefit someone to hear a “staff meeting”, podcasting would benefit the company most.

P.S If you are wondering if Podcasting is the right method for you, in our Academy we are offering a great training Guide about "Modern Podcasting" that will help you to launch and monetize your podcasts effectively

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