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How Local Marketing can improve your SEO

In this final installment in our series on SEO, we want to make all of this relevant to you and your business. You have probably noticed that we have been talking about broad markets (optometrist and eye diseases) and general internet marketing concepts (blogging, video, podcasting and social media).

If you were thinking that the concepts were understandable, but maybe not as doable as we suggested in those articles, you are half right. In fact to try to get your website to appear as one of the ‘top ten’ or page one for a keyword like optometrist or eye disease would probably take months and maybe even years to achieve.

Most importantly, achieving one of the coveted top spots for a term like that in your industry, may not bring you traffic that will make you more profitable.

In order for you to be able to take the concepts this series that we have been talking about and make them profitable, you must do as one very famous and well used phrase suggests. You will need think globally and act locally.

The concepts we have been discussing have been global, but in order for them to profit your business, you will need to execute them locally. In fact, when you exercise SEO concepts locally, they are very doable and beneficial to your business.

Most beneficial to your business is making your company website visible to people who are searching for the solution that your company offers to solve the problem that they are experiencing.

When the public goes to a search engine either from their home computer or their mobile phone to research a solution to their problem, they would probably like to solve at that moment. They probably do not want to order it online and have it delivered. They want to find out where they can get it, and go to that store and buy it. So by having your business “in the way” of their intent to solve their problem, means that you will see immediate benefits from increased foot traffic and higher sales.

To do this effectively, you will need to make sure that your research is focused and that your web properties take advantage of that focus. You will need to know what keywords people in your local area are typing in to research the problems that your business has the resources to solve.

If you are able to dedicate yourself to this process and take action as it is needed, you will see the benefits. However, knowing what the research says is not difficult to understand, but being able to take the right kind of consistent action is difficult to do without detracting from your everyday activities. What can you let suffer, in your capacity, in order to commit hours to the SEO process every day for the next couple of months?

There is probably not much that you can walk away from, as a business owner or manager, to focus on researching and executing the right kind of SEO. But the benefit of having people find you locally, when they are ready to solve their problem is worth doing what you can to put it in place.

If you have a competitor that uses SEO to have customers find them; they will see people who will probably never consider your business. This will not be because your product or service is not worth their time. But the reason will be that they found other businesses in the top ten of the search engines before they had the opportunity to find you.

We can help you to be visible in your local area, to the people who are ready to buy products and/or services that you offer. We are doing this for a decade now helping local businesses to reach their customers in a local level. From restaurants, to hotels, to shops and everything in between.

Contact us today and let us show you how to put your business “in the way” of potential buyers in your city.

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