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Does Video Marketing Scares you?

You’ve probably heard that you should be doing video marketing for your business.

What may not be as clear to you is what you would actually be producing. In addition to that, it may also be a little less clear as to how you will actually benefit.

Obviously, you will create videos and upload them to a site like But what should your video’s content be?

What kind of videos will cause prospects to want to buy from you?

Video marketing is as much copywriting as it is creation of camera footage to upload.

When a buyer sees your video you will want them to feel that they want to buy from you.

Just as is the case with any advertisement, you won't have long to tell them about how they would benefit from your product.

Once the viewer becomes disinterested, they will tune you out.

The fundamental formula that marketers have always used in order to create promotional resources relies on the acronym AIDA.

In this acronym, the first “A” stands for attention. The “I” stands for interest.

The “D” stands for desire. And the last “A” stands for action.

Each one of these principles are important for you to structure any promotion.

The majority of the questions about the effectiveness of video marketing originate from our experience in viewing television commercials.

Business owners typically reflect on what they have been watching over the course of their lifetime and feel that they could never put something together on that scale. The perception is that a video has to be funny and/or clever and have very high production values.

While the production value in videos that mirror the television commercials can be effective it’s not necessary in order for you to make money in your small business.

You can create videos that will help to build your clientele and to sell more products and services.

The messaging in your video should be more direct than in your typical television commercial. Whether you’re speaking on camera or from a voiceover behind the scenes, you should be talking to the buyer in a one-to-one conversation. When you do this, you will be using direct marketing principles.

That is why the AIDA a model will work differently for you that it will for a large corporation that has television commercials created for a branding message.

The point of your video message will be for the customer to take an action (the last A in AIDA) after watching it.

The point of a large corporation’s commercial is for the buyer to remember the company when it's time to make a purchase.

Therefore, your video marketing will need to make up in volume what it doesn't have in the reach of a television commercial with a branding message. In other words, you will can achieve the branding effect by multiplying the number of videos that you produce and subsequently making them visible to prospects.

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