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Can Blogging improve your SEO performance?

In our previous articles we have discussed the advantages of being able to use different web properties in order to capture the attention of people typing in both direct and indirectly related keywords. We also discussed the logic in using different kinds of web properties according to the need for communication.

Internet Video gives a business advantages that a regular website doesn’t. Podcasting

give a business advantages that Internet Video does not have. We could extend this example repeatedly across the different categories of web properties: Internet Video, Podcasting, Social Media and Blogging. So it makes sense to know your audience, in the context of turning them into your future client(s). When you think in those terms, you then make the effort to optimize the right medium to make the process effective.

When a business optimizes a blog for SEO, they are choosing a certain kind of web property that has certain advantages that neither their company web site, nor their other properties have. A blog has three main advantages over a traditional website:

1.) Its topics are current

2.) Its topics are personal to those who write

3.) It can incorporate content from all of the other web properties: Video, Social Media, Podcasting and the Regular Website, in a way that makes sense.

It is important to note it does retain some similarities to Social Media, in a particular a Facebook Fan page. But the point of optimizing a blog is typically not interaction with the business’s client base. That is more a function of a Social Media property. A blog is really distributing a one-sided conversation about something relevant to the industry, something going on in particular at the company or even in the personal life of the blog writer or business owner.

A blog also retains some similarities to a regular website. Obviously, both typically carry the most current official news of the company. However, the nature of the website is to report current events that have to with the company through press releases. If you can picture a press conference, and the kind of statements that are made at them; you would hear in your mind very carefully worded and very formal statements being made by the person giving the press conference. This is the kind of news or current information that businesses typically present on their company website.

However, if you can picture a late night talk show interview of a company official, you would hear very casual conversation in your mind, and even some joking around. This is the tone of the content you might read on Blog. Therefore optimizing a blog for certain keywords means something different than optimizing a website. It helps to know who you want to communicate to and how you want to ‘talk’ to your client base.

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