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7 Things People Hate when they are working from Home and how to overcome them

Updated: May 9

For many years, working from the comfort of your home was a lucrative idea many individuals wishing for. There is a saying “watch of what you are wishing for”.

The Global Pandemic forced many individuals to work remotely for them to discover that the “work from home hype” was just a “hype”.

Recent surveys have shown that many employees are not feeling that excitement when they are working remotely, as working from home is an entire new battlefield.

Below are the 7 commonest challenges people are facing

1. Destractions

When you are working from home, there are a gazillion of distractions you are facing. Women especially who tend to multitask they may find themselves, working, having a load in the washing machine, and food on the stove at the same time. It’s difficult to focus when you have to unload the dryer, or to check out the food on the stove.

Tip: Set up a time before your working schedule to do your daily house routine

2. Longer Hours

For all the haters of “9-5 jobs” I have some news for you. It has been proved that remote workers are spending more hours working then before. This is happening because you can easily find yourself in a situation of replying emails, checking out if there are tasks you still must complete and so on…

Tip: Set your working hours and stick to them. Close the computer. Stop checking the emails.

3. Insecurity

Remote workers find themselves in a constant battle to prove that they are actually working. This can create a lot of stress in your life and before you even know it you find yourself worn out.

Tip: Establish a regular communication with your supervisor to make sure that there are no misconceptions about your working performance. Make sure that you deliver your work on time and double check with your boss or your supervisor that everything is settled.

4. Stay in the same environment all day

Many remote workers have reported that they are missing their working place. Changing environment triggers our emotions and help us be more productive. Working and living in the same space can be overwhelming.

Tip: Try to get regular breaks by changing your environment. You can go for a walk, or go to your garden to enjoy your coffee.

5. Lack of Self Discipline

When you are in your office the entire environment helps you to remain focused. Working from home can challenge you as you may find yourself procrastinating and losing your focus.

After all is not that easy to “Be your Own Boss” isn’t it?

Tip: First of all, identify the reason you procrastinate. Are you feeling stressed out? Overwhelmed? Be kind to yourself. Create a solid working plan and stick to it.

6. Technical Issues

When you are facing some tech glitches in the office it’s easy to call someone who has experience to short things out. But when you are working remotely, this is not an option. You must figure it out by yourself. This can add up a lot of stress especially when you have to catch up with deadlines.

Tip: Have alternative options in case your computer fails. Transfer your work files to an external disc and have it handy to work from another device.

Last but not least

7. Loneliness

Our office is a part of our social life too. Due to the Global Pandemic all of our social activities have been restricted. This can cause stress, anxiety, and depression.

Tip: Make sure that you are keeping your social life active with video calls and chats.

In conclusion. There are pros and cons on remote working. Do the necessary amendments for a smoother transition. You do not need to be perfect from day one. Check out regularly what works, what does not and adjust accordingly.

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