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6 Ways to Increase your Instagram Engagement Rate (For Beginners)

Many of you are feeling frustrated as your Instagram account is going nowhere. Before long you drop the case all together and you abandon your Instagram or you post randomly.

Below we are sharing with you some tips to help you stay on track.

Before we dive in we have to mention that as everything in life worth achieving it requires time and discipline.

- Be Consistent

Posting daily relevant content will attract the right audience around you. Spend some time to plan your week and create appealing posts and stories. Think for a moment what type of content your ideal audience wants to see from you.

- Use Hashtags

People on Instagram they are following topics they are interested by following hashtags. For example if they are pet owners they more likely follow a hashtag about pets.

Using the right hashtags for your posts they will give you visibility.

A little hack here…When you start try to use less popular hashtags in order to gain visibility faster.

- Post Instagram Stories regularly

Instagram stories create curiosity as they appear on the top of the newsfeed page. So it’s much easier to get more views.

- Ask questions

To encourage the conversation, ask questions. Don’t get discouraged at first if nobody responds. Go back to the tip No1 …Be Consistent.

- Explore Instagram Reels

This new feature gains extreme popularity among the users. It’s a great way to get you ahead faster and create a loyal following tribe around your brand.

- Mentions

When you mention others e.g friends, co -workers, partners etc…you trigger the algorithm to push your post higher.

Tip: Do not over do it or worst do not mention people who are not affiliated with you just to gain popularity.

In conclusion

If Instagram is part of your marketing strategy you need to understand that it will take time to build your audience. Stay focused and committed to the end goal.

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