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4 Marketing Trends to consider for 2021 and beyond

The past 12 months have changed literally everything we were accustomed to. It was and still is a big challenge for everyone.

From a business perspective the defining moment of this entire experience it was the “working from home” experience.

Remote working changed the way we are working, the way we are using our in our space, the way we shop, the way we entertain ourselves, the way we are living inside our homes.

More or less individuals have adapted this “new normal”. But businesses had to reframe their communication with their consumers in a brand-new way in order to stay relevant with the new situation but also to continue their operations adopting new forms of customer service.

The truth is that the way consumers are behaving has changed and they expect from your business to understand these changes and adopt them.

Below I am sharing with you 4 major trends that I believe will shape the world of B2C marketing the years to come.

-Helpful and Smooth E-Shopping Experience

The growth of E-Commerce was phenomenal especially during the periods of the lockdowns around the globe. According to Google trends it has been estimated that within 3 months

E-Commerce Growth was the equivalent of 10 years! That’s a huge leap forward that unfortunately thousands of brick-and-mortar businesses were not able to adapt fast enough.

Nevertheless, is never too late to shift your approach towards to the consumer to more human, personalized experience.

Problem solving and social care are 2 qualities your marketing strategies must endorse.

The basic idea of any marketing effort should be “How can I help more people with my products or services” .

- Local Community Support

Consumers are very much aware about the struggles of the local businesses. According to Google Trends the term “support a local business” has increased 20.000%.

That’s wonderful news for all the small size and family businesses if they know how they can benefit from this trend.

This implies that businesses will be constrained to relate on a more profound level with these customers who — both in the physical and mental sense — are more present and looking for association and adopt strategies that empower customers to "show preemptive kindness" for other people. Essentially, the ascent of social media is likely that they are here to remain for the long haul, giving businesses the freedom of instant communication in an entire new way through videos, Facebook and Instagram Lives and also Product selling lives, where the business can elevate their game in order to inform and educate the potential customer about the benefits of their product or service.

- Re Arranging your Product or Service Catalogue

As people are spending more time isolated in their homes their needs have changed dramatically. For example, you don’t need to spend a month’s wages for a nice pair of high heels.

Businesses have to recognize this shift and meet the consumer’s needs in today’s environment.

In many cases you may need to add to your collection new products that people will love to use in their new day to day experience.

Last but not least…

- Demonstrate Values Before the Sales

As people are going through a common experience, they came closer to each other in a local and in a collective way. In this environment businesses have a wonderful opportunity to showcase their values. This demonstration of ethics and values will attract the consumers closer to your business.

According to Google Trends consumers prefer to purchase from businesses which they show a strong interest to common social causes.

Overall, the Pandemic experience brought into light a more human experience as we all brought the work into our private spaces which is home. We became more vulnerable while at the same time our audience became more understanding.

This is a huge shift to the collective consciousness that is going to shape the world of business, marketing, product creation and communication for the years to come.

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