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3 Facebook Marketing Fundamentals

Facebook continues to be the one of the most visited site on planet earth. And, to date there has been no replacement for what the site has become to most people. Many use Facebook to connect with family and friends such that is has taken the place of being able to reach out by telephone.

It's estimated that there are at least 3 to 4 different generational age demographics actively using Facebook accounts.

These facts are the background to the need for every business to have a presence on the platform. While not every business needs to be active in seeking prospects and customers, it would be extremely unwise to avoid holding a platform for Facebook users to visit to learn about your business.

The key activity on Facebook, is for businesses to engage users. To do so, your business should be producing content that keeps the attention of potential prospects and customers.

Engagement should be a two-way conversation. It is a way for you and your staff to listen to the public about things that your audience values. It's also your way of being able to answer their questions and concerns regarding your product, services and public stances.

In order to establish a presence on Facebook, your business needs to have a business page dedicated for business communications.

This should be separate from your personal Facebook account. With your business page, you’ll share articles, blog posts, videos or podcasts and with those connected to your company’s page.

You will use this content to attract new prospects into your marketing funnel.

To leverage Facebook to meet new prospects, the content that you produce should be worthy of others sharing it with their personal online network. If your content isn’t being shared, Facebook is likely to be site for link sharing and one way conversations.

As you engage those new to your business page, you want to convince them to sign up

for your e-mail list or your SMS notification list.

This part of the process works like any other opt-in strategy. You want to give the visitor a

clear message about receiving something in their best interest in exchange for their contact details.

Keeping the interest of those connected to your business through Facebook, should always have some relationship to what your business is doing. Even if that connection is indirect, those who follow your company should have your business in their minds.

Any social media platform strategy should ultimately lead to your company getting more prospects. If it doesn’t, you will want to consider keep your presence, but devoting your time to the social media platform that does bring prospects.

This is important because all social media, including Facebook is time intensive. In order for it to be done well, you’ll need to have a person in your business dedicated to doing it every day. While some companies choose to hire a specialist and train them; this is a very slow and resource intensive solution. Other companies work with local marketing consultants that can help with designing a strategy and implementing a plan.

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