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3 Common Facebook Challenges Businesses are facing today

You have heard that you must promote your business on Facebook to get customers but you find yourself confused and after some failing attempts you are dropping any effort.

Relax you are not alone!

In this article I am sharing with you 3 of the major challenges all businesses are facing when it comes to promote their products and services on Facebook.

1. They can’t create interesting and engaging content.

Creating content daily to post in your business page it’s time consuming. You may start with enthusiasm but after one week you run out of ideas. Sounds familiar?

The reason this happens is because many business owners and entrepreneurs they don’t have a marketing plan.

A marketing plan is vital because is your road map of where you want to go and what you want to achieve. So, they fall in the trap to just showcase their products and services.

But Social Media is not about selling. It’s about communication. It’s about solving problems.

If you don’t understand that you will never be able to get new customers from your Facebook Business Page.

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2. They don’t understand the difference between a regular post and a "dark post".

The people who liked your page in the first place usually are not your “ideal customer”. That’s why you need to target your potential customers within Facebook platform. Facebook has one of the largest and detailed databases to cover any business.

So if for example you are a wedding planner you can create an advert which can target “engaged under 3 months” to attract them into your business. You can offer them a free guide such as

“18 ways to get married without breaking the bank” or “how to choose the right wedding dress for you”…. So people they contact you to get the report and then it’s up to you to convert them into customers.

3. They are not consistent

As I mentioned before the overwhelming majority of business owners and entrepreneurs they drop the case after a few unsuccessful attempts.

Consistency is the “Key” to success. If you had a restaurant for example, you will not open it for business only if you had customers. You open daily in certain hours either you have customers or not. This action builds credibility so people feel that they can trust you to dine in your place.

The same applies online. If you post randomly when you have only a new product or service to promote this action offers no value to your audience, therefore they will not be interested to hear from you.

Treat your Facebook Business Page like your physical store or office. You open daily…you are present that’s why customers are keep coming to you.

In conclusion. If you are consistent, offering valuable and engaging content daily, laser target your potential customers with “dark post” adverts you will be rewarded with more clients and more income.

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