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11 Personal Finance Courses you can take online and offline

I am very passionate about the topic of "Personal Finances" and getting out of debt as it can works wonders in your life.

Back in 2008 I have lost my job, my business and I was massively in debt. On top of that my house was under "repo". It took me about 5 years to find a trustworthy program to follow that enable myself and my husband to clear the mess and face the Global Pandemic with a lot of confidence and a lot of protection mechanisms set in place for the worst case scenario.

One lesson I have learned from the previous recession is to be prepared for EVERYTHING.

My moto was all these years to get prepared for the scenario that everyone was saying was impossible to happen. This scenario was what if everything shuts down? How we are going to survive, pay our bills, put food on the table and pay the mortgage?

Below I am listing 11 Financial Courses you can take for yourself either online or offline.

Tip: Nothing can help you unless you apply this knowledge. It's not an easy task to stay on track all the time but it's worth it.

1. LinkedIn Learning – If you want to learn about personal finance, you can sign up and take courses on LinkedIn. They have beginners and intermediate personal finance type courses, such as Managing Your Personal Finances and even courses for learning about Bitcoin.

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2. – This platform has a lot of different courses that you can take about personal finance, such as Managing Your Personal Finances, Managing Your Personal Investments, and more. Usually, you can check out a few of the lessons free before paying to make sure you like the course.

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3. WallStreetPrep – While these courses are meant for professionals, you can take them too. The more you learn about finance, the better you’ll be able to help your family save and invest and thrive.

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4. Udemy – There are numerous courses about financial planning on Udemy, including The Core Four of Personal Finance. This is an inexpensive course that will help you get a handle on what personal finance is so that you can make the best choices for your family.

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5. Coursera – Coursera have a course called Personal & Family Financial Planning that explains the basics, including how to become financially secure and the time value of money. There are assignments and quizzes.

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6. – You can take a great course about personal finance that will teach you about stocks, and help you understand more about what’s happening when it comes to stocks, bonds, how insurance works, how to use credit, and so much more.

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7. – This platform has many courses to offer regarding personal finance, such as Introduction to Simple and Compound Interest.

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8. Khan Academy – The Khan Academy has courses on almost anything, created by knowledgeable people. One such course that you might want to try is Personal Taxes, which can help you better understand how taxes work and how to plan better.

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9. Your Local College – Most local colleges, both community colleges and universities, offer some form of courses regarding personal finance - even if they don’t have a degree program for it. And you don’t need a degree to learn what you need to know to ensure the healthy financial future of your family.

10. Your Public Library – Most public libraries offer courses and workshops about personal finance, including investing, saving, and budgeting. Just call your local library to find out what they offer or look on the American Library Association website to find out more about local and online options.

11. CNN Money – Believe it or not, you can take a free class about personal finance from CNN Money. You can learn about many different topics from getting a job, buying a car, starting a family and more.

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BONUS ONLINE COURSE : Financial Peace University by DAVE RAMSEY

Financial Peace University it's a great course to start with as it gives you the framework to reduce your debt and start building wealth. It's one of the most popular around the globe with a reasonable amount to be invested from your side.

These courses are just the start of your journey to Financial Freedom. There literally is a plethora of courses that you can take about personal finance, which will help you get your finances in order so that you don't just survive but actually thrive financially for years to come - regardless of the bumps in the road.

In our E-Learning Platform we are offering a lot of E-books that will help you to get our of debt and start living a stress free life. Check them out here

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